Our Vision

Xapiens is a leading Managed Security Service Provider for enterprises and organizations. Our services dramatically reduce the time, cost, and complexity of deploying secured applications, so enterprises can fully realize the promise of eBusiness. We take network security seriously and it is our only business, hence our dedication.

Xapiens International's belief is that security is not a one-time, easy-to-identify issue. It's a process that must be continually refined using audits, access-rights revisions, new tools, and changes to how data is stored. That may be why so many businesses put security on the back burner until a crisis flares up. It's time to go beyond awareness and take action. Protection from security breaches requires investment in technology, services, and personnel as well as adjustments in corporate culture—now.

Is outsourcing security services right for you?

Outsourcing brings economies of scale and skill to managing these operations. As an expert vendor in this field, Xapiens leverages its knowledge and skills to provide highly efficient security services and solutions for your enterprise, data center, or carrier network. Our skilled personnel provide unrivaled proactive 24x7x365 monitoring and management, yielding significant benefits:

Quicker time to market

For an internal implementation, companies must research firewall, VPN appliance, software and networking options; evaluate the choices; procure, install, configure and test the solution; and then finally deploy the solution—all of which can take months. Alternately, customers can outsource to Xapiens their security needs and, since Xapiens has already done this legwork, we can greatly reduce the time it takes you enterprise to get your application or site up and running.

Relieve IT staff

Monitoring network appliances and their respective intercommunication can be a resource consuming task. A 24x7x365 dedicated expert staff is hard to assemble and difficult to maintain with a limited budget. By outsourcing firewall, VPN and vulnerability assessments, a company's IT staff can focus on business-critical projects, instead of on maintaining its security infrastructure.


Xapiens provides professionally managed security services with round the-clock technical and customer support—which the average business can't match.

Minimize obsolescence.

Outsourcing can spare companies from the tedious, costly and time-consuming work of constantly reevaluating and upgrading infrastructure technology. Xapiens takes responsibility for managing the infrastructure and performing timely hardware and software upgrades.