ENTERPRISE PATROL™ is a comprehensive managed security solution that enables enterprises to facilitate highly secure Enterprise-wide communications in a cost-effective manner.

ENTERPRISE PATROL™ incorporates market leading security software from Check Point Software Technologies, Nokia® IP Security Platforms, Netscreen, Cisco and several others, Xapiens' proactive 24x7 monitoring, expert management, complete hardware and software maintenance, and security incident response, policies and procedures.

ENTERPRISE PATROL™ provides integrated firewalls configured for IP packet filtering and/or content filtering via proxies across the enterprise's interconnection points, all backed by an aggressive Service Level Agreement characteristic of Xapiens International Group.


24 x 7 x 365 Proactive Monitoring and Response

From our state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC), trained security experts proactively monitor "events" generated from system health and security checks using sophisticated systems and techniques. Alarms are classified and responded based on our incident management policies in the event of a security threat.

Hardware & Software Set-Up and On-going maintenance

Security systems that are not up-to-date with the latest patches and revisions can leave your enterprise vulnerable to attacks. Xapiens' ongoing maintenance services provide timely operating system revisions and patches.

Security Policy Configuration & Management

Xapiens' certified and experience engineers will properly configure and constantly manage your security policies based on your enterprises' business and security requirements.


Xapiens' high quality managed security services are implemented with the ISP of your choice. Our business is strictly security and we devote our time solely to it.

Security Reports & Advisories

Each month Xapiens will generate a security incident summary report and send it to your primary security contact for review. Periodically, Xapiens sends Security Advisory summaries about security vulnerabilities relevant to your computing environment and provides recommendations for proactive preventive measures.

Our Commitment

Xapiens is committed to customer satisfaction. Our SLA for all our Managed Security Services stipulates a mean response time of 15 minutes for security incidents (as usual in the industry, there are some restrictions depending on the nature of the event). Firewall policy changes are guaranteed within 24 hours of customer requests. Xapiens offers Managed Security Services customers the option of field services with guaranteed delivery within four hours. If we fail to meet an SLA on a particular day, the customer isn't required to pay for services that day, twice in a month and the service is on us for the entire month. Be secure!