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In this customer-centric world of instant access and continuous connections, E-business initiatives tend to outpace security considerations leaving organizations vulnerable to cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism. However, Xapiens can help you achieve the best level of protection that you and your constituent groups expect. Xapiens offers an unrivaled Managed Security Services suite of firewall, VPN, and monthly vulnerability assessments all backed by our strong Service Level Agreement. All our services feature:

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24 x 7 x 365 Proactive Monitoring and Response
From our state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC), trained security experts proactively monitor "events" generated from system health and security checks using sophisticated systems and techniques. Alarms are classified and responded based on our incident management policies in the event of a security threat.

Security Policy Configuration & Management
Xapiens• certified and experience engineers will properly configure and constantly manage your security policies based on your enterprises' business and security requirements.

Xapiens• high quality managed security services are implemented with the ISP of your choice. Our business is strictly security and we devote our time solely to it.

Security Reports & Advisories
Each month Xapiens will generate a security incident summary report and send it to your primary security contact for review. Periodically, Xapiens sends Security Advisory summaries about security vulnerabilities relevant to your computing environment and provides recommendations for proactive preventive measures.

At Xapiens, we understand that achieving secure enterprise-wide networks is no easy task. Security experts need to be hired, trained, and retained often at costs far beyond many IT departments• budgets. Xapiens Customer Care Support professionals greet our customers, record problems and seek out satisfactory resolution. Our Security operations experts use advanced security tools to constantly monitor the status of all our customers' security hardware. These tools report the status of our customers• security hardware on an array of displays located at Xapiens• Security Operation Center. Operators also used advanced vulnerability assessment tools to remotely test customer sites for any known/unknown software or hardware vulnerabilities.

Standards-based firewalls and virtual private networks using proven, yet leading-edge technology must be available around the clock to protect both domestic and international sites of all sizes. However, often customers encounter environment specific requirements that call for custom-made solutions. Xapiens• IP Network and Computer Security Consultants will work with customers to understand requirements, crisply define problems, develop network designs and implement solutions that meet the customer E-Business needs. We are here to serve and protect your IP network. Be secure!







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