Our Approach To Security

At Xapiens, we understand that achieving secure enterprise-wide networks is no easy task. Security experts need to be hired, trained, and retained often at costs far beyond many IT departments budgets. Xapiens Customer Care Support professionals greet our customers, record problems and seek out satisfactory resolution. Our Security operations experts use advanced security tools to constantly monitor the status of all our customers security hardware. These tools report the status of our customers security hardware on an array of displays located at Xapiens Security Operation Center. Operators also used advanced vulnerability assessment tools to remotely test customer sites for any known/unknown software or hardware vulnerabilities.

  • Secure by Design

    Xapiens high quality managed security services are implemented with the ISP of your choice

  • Compliant by Design

    Our business is strictly security and we devote our time solely to it

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Hardware and software maintenance in accordance with Xapiens 24x7 proactive monitoring, expert management and incident response services

Standards-based firewalls and virtual private networks using proven, yet leading-edge technology must be available around the clock to protect both domestic and international sites of all sizes. However, often customers encounter environment specific requirements that call for custom-made solutions. Xapiens' IP Network and Computer Security Consultants will work with customers to understand requirements, crisply define problems, develop network designs and implement solutions that meet the customer E-Business needs. We are here to serve and protect your IP network. Be secure!

Managed Security Services

Xapiens International provides comprehensive managed security solutions that enable enterprises to facilitate highly secure enterprise-wide communications within their premises and with headquarters, regional offices, branch offices, remote offices and mobile professionals in a cost-effective manner. Xapiens' proactive 24x7 monitoring, expert management, complete hardware and software maintenance, security incident response, policies procedures and aggressive service level agreement make our product suite unique and unrivaled in today's market.


is a high performance managed security solution for global eBusiness. It combines the benefits of remotely monitored, configured and managed firewalls, with both hardware and software maintenance in accordance with Xapiens' 24x7 proactive monitoring, expert management and incident response services.

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The service includes regular network security vulnerability assessments, coupled with comprehensive, easy-to-read reports on the number and type of vulnerabilities with recommended ways to correct them and the actual fixes providing organizations with the opportunity to reduce their susceptibility to Internet attacks.

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is the virtual private network (VPN) service that lets your branch offices or business partners communicate securely over a private IP backbone, or over the Internet to headquarters or central offices.

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Our Commitment

Xapiens is committed to customer satisfaction. Our SLA for all our Managed Security Services stipulates a mean response time of 15 minutes for security incidents (as usual in the industry, there are some restrictions depending on the nature of the event). Firewall policy changes are guaranteed within 24 hours of customer requests. Xapiens offers Managed Security Services customers the option of field services with guaranteed delivery within four hours. If we fail to meet an SLA on a particular day, the customer isn't required to pay for services that day, twice in a month and the service is on us for the entire month. Be secure!

Quicker time to market

Customers can outsource to Xapiens their security needs and, since Xapiens has already done this legwork, we can greatly reduce the time it takes you enterprise to get your application or site up and running.

Relieve IT staff

By outsourcing firewall, VPN and vulnerability assessments, a company's IT staff can focus on business-critical projects, instead of on maintaining its security infrastructure.


Xapiens provides professionally managed security services with round the-clock technical and customer support—which the average business can't match.

Minimize obsolescence.

Xapiens takes responsibility for managing the infrastructure and performing timely hardware and software upgrades.


24/7 Cybersecurity Operation Center

  • Application Vulnerability Assessment
  • SIEM Threat Detection
  • Security Incident Response Team
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment & Architecture
  • Network Security Design
  • Cybercrime Analysis
  • Forensics Analysis
  • Enterprise Patrol
  • Instant Malware Removal

Our Vision

Xapiens is a leading Managed Security Service Provider for enterprises and organizations. Our services dramatically reduce the time, cost, and complexity of deploying secured applications, so enterprises can fully realize the promise of eBusiness. We take network security seriously and it is our only business, hence our dedication.

Xapiens International's belief is that security is not a one-time, easy-to-identify issue. It's a process that must be continually refined using audits, access-rights revisions, new tools, and changes to how data is stored. That may be why so many businesses put security on the back burner until a crisis flares up. It's time to go beyond awareness and take action. Protection from security breaches requires investment in technology, services, and personnel as well as adjustments in corporate culture—now.