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Customer Support

Xapiens International Customer Support Center (CSC) is our customers' primary point of contact with our talented staff. The CSC provides direct preliminary support for our customers. Contact the Customer Support Center at 1-866-XAPIENS, or 787-620-5780.

Xapiens Security Operations Center

The Security Operations Center (SOC) is the principal monitoring group for all Xapiens services. It performs proactive operations support and troubleshooting of the customerís network security infrastructure. Our SOC is located at City View Plaza's Office Center facility in Guaynabo, PR and is backed up by our mirror, fail-safe operations center in the Atrium Office Center in San Juan, PR.

Operators in the SOC use advanced security monitoring tools to constantly monitor the status of all our customers' security hardware. These tools report the status of our customersí security hardware on an array of displays located in the SOC. Operators also use advanced vulnerability assessment tools to remotely test customer sites for any known software or hardware vulnerabilities.

The SOC staff will proactively open a ticket on behalf of a customer if it detects a problem with a customer's security hardware and will contact the customer to review the measures Xapiens is taking to correct it. The SOC, in coordination with Customer Care Duty Managers, will also keep customers informed about the process of larger issues that may affect multiple sites.

SOC Network Security Analysis Team

The Network Security and Analysis Team (NSAT) component of the Security Operations Center troubleshoots and resolves any security issues arising from physical problems (i.e., those arising from software and its configuration). Among its other functions, NSAT works with various other groups at Xapiens to assess the vulnerability of the customerís servers and to correct them promptly as needed. NSAT also provides detailed technical support for Xapiens customers who require consultation for any aspect of their security.


The Xapiens Security Incident Response Team

The Xapiens Security Incident Response Team (X-SIRT) component of the Security Operations Center analyzes security hand-offs, answers in-depth technical and network-related questions, provides assistance in network configuration to defeat incidents, assists ISPs and Carriers for troubleshooting security incidents and resolves incident problems.






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